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Our Farm
Our farm is set on sheep-goat breeding with purely indigenous breeds.
There are 25 Blonde Adamello goats and 200 Tingola Fiemmese sheep, a horse named Lizi, a donkey named Gigia, a dozen chickens and an unknown number of rabbits free.

We also have three loyal sheepdogs: Wolf, Dick and Vasco



Tingola Fiemmese sheep
The name "tingola" comes from the nickname of one of the last farmers of these sheep, "El tingol", born in Cavalese but then moved to Bellamonte.
Information on the ancient origins of the breed are scarce.
There are report of this sheep breeding since the early 900 both in Val di Fiemme and Val di Fassa.

Their characteristics are similar to Kärntner Brillenschaf sheep in turn similar to Villnösser Schaf, otherwise known as "Lamon sheep."
From the point of view of the characteristics of race, Tingola Fiemmese is an animal of average size.
The head is without horns in both males and females, has black spots and the ears are long and hanging.
The coat is white with dark spots more or less widely in the head and limbs.
The fleece is of quality rather coarse and covers the entire body and upper limbs.

The "tingola" is suitable for long periods of pasture, as the thick fleece allows its adaptation to low temperatures.
The male produces an average of 5 kg / year of dirty wool in two tose, the female produces 4 kg/year.
in recent years the wool is no longer a real production and the breeding is mainly directed towards the production of meat, especially of lamb.
Milk production is reserved to children's feeding
Blonde Adamello goats
It is a rustic, lively and gregarious goat, which loves high altitudes and rough grazings of the alpine and periglacial zone.
Frugal and strong goat, is content with a semi-grazing from April to November: in the winter season becomes the queen of the barn where gives birth to puppies, always in autonomy even in primiparous (fertility index of about 155%).
The production of good, sometimes large quantities of milk (liters / year from 180 to 500) allows the definition of "goats with double attitude: milk + meat".

The ears are white, elongated but thin and straight.
The body is robust but agile, covered with the characteristic blond coat more or less longer.
The hair of the rear section can sometimes skim the ground, thus giving the characteristic "bragadura".
From the knee up to the nails the hair is white as well as the abdominal area.

The quality of the milk, however, can be defined as excellent especially if the good polyphyte hay is integrated, in the period of relaying, with local plant products of the mountain (for example chestnuts).
One of the aspects which must be implemented in the coming years is that of mammary apparatus, because only some farmers equipped themselves recently with a milking plant.
From the morphological point of view there is no comparison between this goat and the other Alpine breeds.
A thin but strong neck supports a brownish-brown head , with white streaks which stretch between nose and eyes.


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